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Q: What is covered under the Sullivan Data annual fixed fee agreement?
A: We cover almost everything that currently exists within your IT infrastructure: servers, routers, switches, firewalls, server operating systems, e-mail software, backup software, anti-virus software, users, workstations, printers and standard application software.

Q: What would not be covered under Sullivan Data's annual fixed fee agreement?
A: There are 3 things specifically not covered under the annual fixed fee agreement:
Expansions or upgrades to the system. If your organization needs to install new computers for planned hires, the costs to acquire and install these new systems would not be included in the agreement.

Support of specialized software. If your organization uses specialized application software, the vendor of that software will be primarily responsible for its support.

Damage to equipment caused by external forces or acts of God such as fire, flood, lightning, attack, earthquake, building damage or any other circumstances not occurring within the systems normal operating environment.
Q: How does Sullivan Data charge for expansion and upgrade work?
A: After the specific needs are determined, expansions and / or upgrades to a clients system are proposed under a separate fixed price proposal. This proposal will include all necessary materials and services.

Q: How does Sullivan Data price the annual fixed fee agreements?
A: Agreements are priced based on the number of users in your organization along with the number and age of the servers, workstations and printers.

Q: If our organization's systems are expanded during the contract period, does that change the contract price?
A: That depends largely on what the expansion consists of and when in the contract period it occurs. If a single workstation is added with 2 months remaining on the contract, we would not make a change, however if 10 workstations were added 4 months into the contract period, we would add the new equipment to the contract on a pro-rated basis.

Q: Is the Sullivan Data Spam Filtering Service included in the contract cost?
A: No. Some of our clients have their e-mail processed by external service providers who include scanning for spam and viruses in their service fee. In consideration to these clients who do not require our spam filtering service, we offer the service as a separate add-on to your support agreement.

Q: What hours does Sullivan Data provide support?
A: Our standard support hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday excluding national holidays.

Q: Does Sullivan Data offer other options for organizations that require support on nights, weekends and holidays?
A: Yes. Sullivan Data offers a fixed price support option for organizations that require regular support on nights, weekends and holidays such as Police stations and Hotels as well as an hourly add on to our standard hours support agreement for those clients who may only occasionally need support during non standard times.

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