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A Different Approach To IT Services
Sullivan Data has a different approach to IT services for small and medium sized organizations. In our successful fixed price IT services model, the Sullivan Data IT staff becomes your IT staff, acting just as an in-house IT staff would, providing all of the services you would expect and more!

Many IT vendors work on either an hourly consulting or a break / fix model where they are either charging your firm by the hour or in blocks of time. Either way when they are working on your organization's behalf, they are billing every hour! In this relationship, there is no incentive to improve your IT operations or prevent failures by monitoring or preventative maintenance because the IT vendor benefits from these situations!

Larger organizations have long realized that successful IT is much more than fixing your systems when there are problems. These organizations have Help Desks to assist users, Monitoring Systems to prevent failures, Engineers to implement upgrades and new technologies and Consultants to provide long range planning.

Managers of most small and medium sized organizations today realize the importance of having professional IT services but are under the impression that their size organization can't afford the level of IT services that larger organizations have.

With Sullivan Data's fixed price IT services model, your small or medium sized organization reaps the benefits of having a full time IT staff, much the same as larger organizations do, at an affordable, fixed annual fee based on the size of your system.

With our fixed price model, Sullivan Data becomes your organizations partner in Information Technology. Both of our organizations benefit from improving your IT systems and reducing or eliminating system failures and downtime. As your system becomes more efficient and has fewer problems, we spend less money supporting it. Alternatively, if your system experiences problems and / or failures, we bear the expense required to correct the problems. Click Here to have a Sullivan Data representative contact you regarding IT Support & Management.

Why Should My Organization Outsource IT?
The answer to this question varies for different size organizations and even from company to company, but generally it is significantly less expensive and much more efficient for Sullivan Data to provide your company's IT support needs than to try and do it in-house.

In smaller organizations, the option of in-house IT is limited and generally falls to someone within the organization doing the work part time. As with anything someone does occasionally, they generally don't have the time, tools or experience to get the job done properly. More importantly, time spent working on IT related issues, is time not spent working at the position the person was hired for. Allowing Sullivan Data to provide for your organization's IT needs will increase efficiency and allow employees to focus on the core business, which is especially important in these difficult times.

Larger organizations may have the resources to consider an in house IT solution, but at what direct and more importantly indirect costs? The annual expense of maintaining a single IT professional including benefits and related costs will range from $85,000 to $100,000. Even if this expense is affordable, who within the organization is qualified to interview and hire for this position? Will the person hired be capable of meeting all of the organizations technology needs? Who will support the organization when the single IT person is on vacation or out sick? What will happen when (not if) the IT person leaves for a different position?

With only 1 IT support person on staff, the questions posed above are very real. Hiring and maintaining a qualified IT staff is difficult, even for experienced companies like Sullivan Data. Hiring and maintaining a single qualified IT professional to meet all of an organizations IT needs is near impossible. If the person hired does not meet expectations, what would happen then? Should the organization advertise and interview for a replacement with the current person on the job; this is not feasible. Should the organization let the person go and then proceed through the hiring process (which can take 6 to 8 weeks) without an IT person; this is also not a workable solution.

Outsourcing your organization's IT to Sullivan Data will provide your organization with all of the benefits of a traditional IT department, while providing substantial savings over an in-house solution, without the trials and tribulations associated with hiring and maintaining an internal IT staff. It just makes good business sense!

Sullivan Data continually invests in our staff, systems and equipment to provide our clients with the best possible IT services. This allows our clients to focus their staff, energy and capital on their core business operations. Each year Sullivan Data updates and expands our internal systems and equipment to improve our monitoring, diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. Over the last 5 years our capitol investments in systems and equipment have exceeded $125,000.

Click Here to have a Sullivan Data representative contact you regarding IT Support & Management.

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